After you embrace the silence of the night and rest with a nice slumber in our mill, the witness of ancient cultures and cradle of productivity, your breakfast will be served with love and compassion.


We picked all our ingredients carefully for you dear guests, from the nature of the generous Aegean region, a variety of delicious cheeses, organic eggs...


So that you can store some energy and touch the spirit of our time while enjoying a rich breakfast and sipping your tea, before you start your cheerful day...


If -before diving into the active Alaçatı day- you have a cup of Turkish coffee at our beautiful hotel and close your cup, you sure will be told your fortunes of peace and love...* (*ancient way of fortune-telling in Turkey: reading the remaining grains of coffee in the cup, after you drink the coffee and close the cup with the saucer).





you can get refreshments any time of the day at our hotel pool, rest at a quiet corner enjoy your cool alcoholic / none-alcoholic drink or a cocktail we'll prepare for you.

    OnlIne Reservatıon

Alaçatı Değirmen Otel I 2015

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