Though we were lucky enough to call professions which we could enjoy with a big motivation our own, always a part of our hearts was longing to work for the immediate happiness and joy of people, to be in a partnership with others in which we could create nice memories, add value to people's lives with a service, a taste we could offer… This dream eventually had to join our culturally pre-occupied genes to host and please guest and wave them good-bye, knowing they had a good time...


While we were having these dreams, live got busy crossing our paths with people and events, making this dream possible with the strangest coincident. No doubt, one of these people is Turgut Abi (abi:older brother, being used in Turkish as description of love and respect). Turgut Kahraman, our valued friend. He is the one designing our hotel with his own hands and heart, planning its architecture without skipping any detail, putting his efforts and labour into each piece of stone and mortar… We would like to thank him here once more for handing us over such a beautiful artwork, for entrusting us this Beauty and for being so understanding and supportive during the whole process of establishment… During this process we had many friends supporting us, it just would not be right, not to mention them here. My ancient friend and precious business partner Fettah Türk and my dear friend Ercan Ataman and so many more, whose names I am not able to list in this page: we are eternally grateful...





Most of all we are grateful to have experienced how many friends we have, who value and support us unconditionally.


When you visit us, we will eventually somehow get to tell the whole story with all details, while sipping our delicious coffee...


And now, dear guests, we stand before you to introduce ourselves and host you with great pleasure and happiness..

Family Uğur



Değirmen (the mill); has been the most valuable and irreplaceable asset of Alaçatı and the people of Alaçatı. For the people of Alaçatı, the mill means production, their daily bread and their deserved gain, most of all it means God's help and a blessing, given to them by the grace of Mother Nature...


Our hotel was designed and built, inspired by the mill, which is a symbol and occupies an important role in the social life and history of Alaçatı. It is located in the region of historical mills, thus in the “heart” of Alaçatı and was constructed with four separate towers, using only materials given to us by nature, among them   Alaçatı stones (partially dug out of our own property).




Alaçatı, being a real peace and holiday heaven, comes often with a parking problem, especially due to the high demand during summer season. But you won't have to worry about that, as you can come directly to our gates and use our parking lot at the front. Good news is also our distance to restaurants and other entertainment possibilities located in the town centre.


Our hotel will provide you a calm environment, where you can enjoy the birds chirping and listen to the wind whistling, while you are only a few steps (approximately 30 meters) away to the razzle-dazzle of the town centre and it's restaurants, bars, shops and other facilities.





Değirmen ailesini sizlere takdim etmekten mutluluk ve gurur duyarız:


Uğur family: Umur Uğur and his wife Belma Uğur. And of course their daughters Ada Sude Uğur and Deniz Yaz Uğur, the “board members” of our hotel.  They do their best to help with various tasks at the hotel, develop fresh ideas and details, which support the comfort of our guests and makes sure they spend their holiday in the best ways possible and leave with nice memories. Mrs. Belma, presents her skills in pastries with every opportunity and serves our guests her cakes and cookies, baked with love and friendship. Her fig-cakes, her cinnamon-cheese-resin (an aromatic resin harvested from region-specific trees, used traditionally in cooking and baking, even coffee) are highly recommended. Most of all, the Uğur family longs to meet their guests and start new friendships...


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Alaçatı Değirmen Otel I 2015

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